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The smart alarm system 122 may detect the presence of an individual within close proximity e. g. , using built in IR sensors, sound an alarm e. g. , through a built in speaker, or by sending commands to one or more external speakers, and send notifications to entities smart smoke detectoror users within/outside of the smart home network 100. In some implementations, the smart alarm system 122 also includes one or more input devices or sensors e. g. , keypad, biometric scanner, NFC transceiver, microphone for verifying the identity of a user Cove Alarm Panel, and one or more output devices e. g. , display, speaker. In some implementations Motion Activated Camera, the smart alarm system 122 may also be set to an “armed” mode Alarm Panel, such that detection of a trigger pandocondition or event causes the alarm to be sounded Lunaunless a disarming action is performed.

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Bonus: Even if your camera happens to be stolen, the video footage is still safe and available. Logitech Circle boasts a mere 60 second setup and is portable and rechargeable door alarmas needed. You can move Circle off the charging ring for up to 12 hours and set it up in another room as needed. A 135 degree wide angle lens window alarmsmakes it easy to view what’s happening in even large rooms, and a built security key fobin speaker and microphone allow you to be apart of whatever’s Glass break sensorhappening…remotely. Get it from Amazon: Logitech Circle Wireless HD Security Camera. Lynx Indoor Home Security CameraView in galleryThe Logitech Circle camera provides live high resolution 1080p video streaming of your home 24/7.

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Carbon Monoxide SensorsCarbon monoxide is a deadly gas that's odorless and colorless, so having a detector in your home can save your life.

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